What is Mediation?

Brooklyn Mediation AttorneysMediation is a process in which a neutral third person, called a “mediator”, acts to encourage and facilitate communication and the resolution of a dispute between two or more parties. Mediation is much more informal than the litigation process. It is a non-adversarial process with the goal of assisting the parties in the midst of a dispute to reach a mutually acceptable, voluntary agreement. The Mediator does not make decisions concerning the dispute. It is the parties to the dispute themselves, who have the authority to make decisions as to the outcome of the dispute. Mediators are impartial and do not take sides in the dispute.

The Mediator’s role includes assisting the parties in identifying the issues which are important to them, as well as encouraging joint problem solving, brainstorming ideas and exploring settlement options. Mediators use a wide range of strategies and techniques to help the parties work toward resolving their dispute. Mediators do this by establishing trust and building a rapport with the parties during the mediation.

Mediation is an effective, time and cost saving alternative to litigation.   Through Mediation, your dispute will be resolved in just days as opposed to months or even years and at just a fraction of the cost of taking a case through the litigation process in court.

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